AmpliSine Labs/SitePro® Opens New San Antonio Office, Increases Workforce, & Nominated for STEER Award

LUBBOCK, TX (November 28, 2016) – A recent addition to San Antonio’s oil and gas industry scene, SitePro®, a service powered by Amplisine® Labs andforerunner in the development of automation software for the upstream oil and gas industry, has been nominated for a 2016 Eagle Ford Excellence Award presented by the South Texas Energy and Economic Roundtable (STEER).  The Award winners will be announced on November 30, 2016 at Pearl Stable.  SitePro® was nominated as a service from AmpliSine Labs in theEnvironmental Stewardship category.

Surrounding the awards ceremony, Aaron Phillips, President & CEO and Erik Waters, Director, Product Management and Support, will be available for media interviews to discuss the significance SitePro’s ticketing application and automation services have on the oil and gas industry.  Given the recent temperature of the petroleum industry’s economy, as companies begin to ramp up their drilling and production which means increased fluid services and transportation E&P companies are seeking ways to remain efficient in this environment and lower costs by monitoring fluid services, controlling production and water disposal facilities to reduce lease operating expenses and increase efficiency. Utilizing the SitePro® application, companies can digitally process field tickets and manage fluids services using software versus the old school paper field tickets, this is good for both E&P’s and their service providers.

AmpliSine Labs is one of the rare companies that experienced steady growth over the industry downturn the past two years.  Currently, they are expanding their San Antonio office and also hiring new software developers in the area.

For more information on SitePro® or field ticketing and fluid management, visit or call 806.687.5326.

Since its original Lubbock, Texas launch in 2012, SitePro® has become one of the fastest growing automation software companies in the Nation. To this day, SitePro® has generated over $150 million in transactions, as well as tracked and billed over 250 million barrels of fluid. The staff consists of renounced professionals from engineering, computer science, field service and business backgrounds. SitePro® is committed to exploring the forefronts of technology, delivering services and solving problems to meet every clients’ needs.


* Media Note:  Interviews with AmpliSine Labs executives are available upon request.
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