SitePro® Brings Easy Integration Digital Technology to the Fluid Management Process

LUBBOCK, TX (November 17, 2016) – SitePro®, a service powered by Amplisine® Labs and forerunner in the development of automation software for the upstream oil and gas industry, offers a logistical advantage for energy’s modern age to meet the digital technology needs of the struggling oil and gas industry.

Experts are predicting oil prices will rise over the next six months and until then oil and gas companies are focusing on implementing more cost effective ways to do business and are leveraging the use of technology for a more successful future. SitePro® was built for the energy industry by a team who understands the effects of the industry’s downturn and the need to reduce costs, while increasing efficiency and productivity by delivering reliable digital technology and services to the oilfield with fluid management solutions.

The patented SitePro® system offers E&P Companies, Service Companies, & Water & Environmental Assets complete control over the supply chain, placing real-time field services data at the tip of their fingertips. Companies can create remotely control and monitor assets, and track work orders all in one auto-syncing electronic platform, which decreases time spent on field ticketing, eliminates paperwork errors and ultimately saves time and money.  To date, SitePro®’s proven track record has digitally processed over $150 million in transactions, accounting for over 250 million barrels tracked and billed, saving clients an average of 25-40% of ticket processing costs.

Additionally, SitePro® gives operators access to remotely control well sites and equipment, monitor tank levels and site conditions all from a computer or mobile device. By using SitePro’s automation, companies can integrate supply chain from pick-up to delivery, as well as eliminate redundant data entries for all parties involved.  The cloud based platform aims to remove the hassle and minimize the downtime associated with fluid management.  SitePro® features real-time alerts along with the ability to take necessary actions from any electronic device making them the ultimate software for front end and in-field efficiency.

For more information on SitePro® or field ticketing and fluid management, visit or call 806.687.5326.

Since its launch in 2012, SitePro® has become one of the fastest growing automation software companies in the Nation. To this day, SitePro® has generated over $150 million in transactions, as well as tracked and billed over 250 million barrels of fluid. The staff consists of renounced professionals from engineering, computer science, field service and business backgrounds. SitePro® is committed to exploring the forefronts of technology, delivering services and solving problems to meet every clients’ needs.